How to handle emergencies in personal financial planning

Emergencies in personal financial planning

Emergencies in personal financial planning | Most investors know that the financial planning process is a way to reach their financial goals if they follow it carefully. That is what this process is all about. Most of the time, we hear about people planning for retirement, their children’s college education, their marriage, buying a house, … Read more

What is the green bonds program of the Indian government?

green bonds

What is the green bonds program| Governments sell sovereign green bonds to raise money for projects that help the environment or deal with climate change. But investors may want to know more about things like interest rates, liquidity, and trading. In November of last year, the government put out the rules for sovereign green bonds. … Read more

What Is the SECA Tax (Self-Employed Contributions Act)?

People who are self-employed have to pay the Self-Employed Contributions Act (SECA) tax. They pay taxes on a part of their net income to help pay for programs like Social Security and Medicare. Self-Employed Contributions Act: What It Is and How It Works Self-Employed Contributions Act: If you are self-employed, you pay this tax to … Read more