A Comparison Between Direct and Traditional Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund

A Comparison Between Direct and Traditional Mutual Funds | There are two primary investment options with mutual funds: direct and regular. There is no middleman involved between the investor and the AMC in a Direct Plan investment. An intermediary, such as a distributor, broker, or bank, is paid a distribution fee by the AMC out … Read more

CRR vs SLR (Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio)

Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) | Do you know what they are? You might already know this if you come from a financial background or have a serious interest in banking. If not, don’t panic; we’ll clear up any confusion you may have about these two crucial banking terms. Overview of … Read more

RBI Bank should not have raised the interest rate again.

RBI Bank

RBI Bank should not have raised the interest rate again. | The Repo rate, which is the most important interest rate, was raised to 6.5% by the RBI’s monetary policy committee for the sixth time in nine months. This time around, the rate of increase was 0.25 percentage points, which is lower than the average … Read more

Understanding Debt Funding

Debt Funding

Understanding Debt Funding | When it comes to growing their business or increasing their revenue to levels that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable, many companies require more capital in order to do so. These businesses have essentially three options for raising the necessary additional capital: A rise in a company’s value, which should be the ultimate … Read more

Differences between Portfolio Management & Financial Planning

Portfolio Management and Financial Planning

Portfolio Management & Financial Planning | Money might not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy financial security, and that’s one step closer to happiness. In the end, money can buy a certain kind of happiness, which is why you should make it a habit to manage your money. Managing your money is … Read more

What are the dangers of putting money into a Mutual Fund? How can I make things less likely to go wrong?

Understanding market risk is important, but if you choose the asset class that best fits your goals, you can trust the fund manager to handle market risk for you or put money into a mutual fund. The often-repeated statement is, “Investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully … Read more

Bitcoin: The Basis Of The Payments And Banking Systems

Over the years, the payment system has changed a lot, and now bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are playing a big role in our banking system. To keep up with changes in the payment system, a number of big investment banks and financial services holding companies, such as JPMorgan Chase, are working on making this new … Read more